A lot of times, people walk up to us and say they are proud of us and then ask us why we do it. Our response is always "Because we love to sing".
We have been doing this for so long. First it was just Azi and Mercy as Alüne and Kuvelü were just babies. But they grew into their own soon enough and all four of us appearing together was such fun though the practice sessions were chaotic. 
Tetseo Sisters performing at various events.

NSUD Appearance, New Delhi.

Following numerous performances on Doordarshan, AIR, State functions, Festivals including the annual Hornbill events, Handshake 2009 & 2010, Private functions, Church and Students' events, we have been besieged with requests for an album.
Hopefully, we will be able to comply with those requests very soon.
Wish us all the luck.
On the Cover of North East Sun Magazine: One proud moment.

After almost a decade of folk music performances in our home state of Nagaland, Guwahati, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Kolkatta and Bangkok, Thailand, we finally made it to the cover of North East Sun Magazine in 2008 (August 16-31 issue).
Inside story feature.

One happy moment for us.....though unfortunately, Alüne couldn't be with us for the cover photo shoot. They did a lovely piece on us and we hope it allowed people to get a better idea of our struggles and our journey so far.

The cover read "Tetseo Sisters"- The mystic Minstrels from Nagaland mesmerize the world with the traditional Chokri Li. There is no stopping them.
For us, this is just the beginning and we hope to be able to share our Li for a long time to come.
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