After a long studio session, Lulu’s first successful N.O.O.B.S deal finally gave us the perfect excuse to visit and check out what “Simply Tasty” had to offer (once the good was delivered).
Sampling momos has always been a favorite ritual whenever we sisters hang out and Simply Tasty has been on our “tryout list” for some time.
We thought we would sample everything on the menu but being a little late in the day, we were too late to try out the “beef curry and puri” (so popular that it runs out by noon it seems) and settled for the pork and chicken items. 
Anyway, it gives us an excuse to visit again (the scrumptious momos and chutney is reason enough though and maybe next time, we’ll carry our home made Naga King chilli paste too to add to the fun.)

We finally got to gorge on pork momos and pork chow and more pork momos and drank up a gallon of the delicious soup (even asked for an extra helping for our empty bowls, which they promptly replenished).
Sampling the momos.
As we placed our orders, we were told we might have to wait some 10-15 minutes so we sipped some hot tea while we waited for the food to arrive. 
Two heaped plates of pork chow and steaming pork momos soon made an appearance and disappeared in a jiffy, accompanied by a bowl of  flavorful clear soup and a unique hot n sweet red chilli chutney/sauce. The chow had a generous amount of meat and not too oily; and the momos….Simply tasty!
Lovely crockery but Kuvelü couldn’t find the salt shaker (got some in a bowl on request though).
Gorge gorge gorge.
Another round of momos was called for and on arrival, they were devoured with equal fervor and speed. Dozens of snapshots and a lip-smacking slurping hour later, we headed home with a bundle of Krispy Fried Chicken (finger licking pieces of succulent chicken even better than the real KFC) to top off Round one.
Last momo standing :)
Coming up soon is Round two (which will start with the elusive beef curry and puri, pork momos and one can only guess where it goes from there!)
Plates wiped clean :P
We have been grappling to find one word to sum up the experience but we’ll just have to say we had a simply tasty time at Simply Tasty.
Hope to catch you all having a Simply Tasty time sometime!!!
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\m/ kip roking :D