We'll have to admit that October was the month when everything happened in our personal lives and nothing much happened for the Tetseo Sisters and then again a lot has happened and we have a great many things to be thankful for. We have gained a new brother and we love you both, dear Rockstar sister and your Prince Charming. We are finding it hard to cope with your absence and we hope we never get used to your absence.
Azi and Abe: Newest family addition.
October is fast becoming a critical month every year for us sisters, for reasons best kept to ourselves. The good news is we are finally done with recording songs for Li : Chapter one. Over to our dear brother Mhaseve Tetseo and his expertise and team for editing and mastering. We have been crazy busy the last few weeks and much has been accomplished.
Our hero Mhaseve Tetseo.
We had the good fortune of getting to work with wonderful artists/photographers Rokovor Vihienuo and Menuolhoulie Kire for our album/blog photography. We still need to do a couple more photoshoots until the album cover is ready.
With Rokovor Vihienuo on one of our shoots.
With Menuo Kire on the Dzukuo shoot.
Lots of networking to do at the moment and some lovely shows and events lined up. This is a very exciting time for us. Continue to remember us in your prayers and your support is much appreciated and needed. We are also very excited to share our music with you soon but the whole exercise of getting the album together is going to be a lot of effort so God help us. Looking forward to advice and insights from all of you out there.
With His Excellency, the Governor of Nagaland, Shri Nikhil Kumar
Singing 'Hiyo...Hiyo' accompanied by the Tati instrument : The rice pounding song.
 Oh and we were recently invited to sing at the inauguration of the Lalit Kala Academy and Art & Culture department's Regional Artists Workshop (17th to 22nd October, 2011) held in Kohima at The Heritage. We sang one our newest songs "Hiyo....Hiyo". More about the song in our next post.
Over and out for tonight.

We spent a lovely day in the majestic Dzukou Valley yesterday and took some great pictures with M.Kire
Can't wait to see the final results and give you all a sneak peek.

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