Apulio's song is two songs in one.
The chorus is a lullaby for the little orphan and the verses, a dirge as well as a prayer.
A song sung by an older child mourning the loss of her parents,
while comforting her younger sibling.
A prayer for the souls of the loved one.
Hi ye Apulio! Apulio!
Azu yo o , Azu yo li 
Anu le….
Riho o…Nule…

Azu no hi, qhü müdü bezü; 
Shosa zü no, Thü rü shoda lü.
Samo remo, Hizo ta no nyi. 
Küsami ho, kürhü mi ho le
Halü küsü povo tso hole.

Oh you poor little child,
Unfortunate little child!
Now nobody’s child!
But I will call you mine.

A shoulder to you I will be,
A bosom to rest your weary head.
Many joys we will forfeit,
But I will be your comfort and you mine.
My best I offer while I pass through.
A guest myself like you and the rest.
But I will be your family and friend.
You will have nothing to fear but death.
My poor child, here I am.

Oh mother you lay lifeless! Oh father you are cold.

Your shrouds stiff and stretched over your heads.
Are you watching over us?
Ah! To live forever and never fade,
Is a dream and quest we all hold dear.
But I am a guest myself, like you and the rest.
And when death comes to visit, no one can resist.

Oh Mother! Oh Father where do we turn?
For a word of caution, for comfort!
Oh Woe is me to mourn your loss so soon.
Our sorrow knows no bounds.
Words cannot express our grief.

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at: 1 December 2011 at 23:32 said...

Thank you for this song...! Hi ye Apulio! Apulio! Azu yo o , Azu yo li Anu le….Riho o…Nule… (Donly here).

M says:
at: 2 December 2011 at 00:02 said...

You are welcome Donly.
It's our pleasure to share our music and anything about it you might like to know. Hiyohey!