We sisters have much to thank the good Lord for and He keeps the gifts coming.
We couldn't possibly finish counting our blessings but we do lose track from time to time (Humans after all.) You would also have noticed that we have been slacking off on our posts. We've been too busy living and witnessing Life and experiencing 'New Life' out here.
New Mommy in the making.
July was a triple whammy. With Kuvelü's Birthday, Dad's Birthday and the arrival of our nephew.
Azi and Abe Nienu's little bundle of joy 'Chire Nienu Jr' arrived in style on the 17th of July to our great excitement and happiness. Glad to announce that both Mother and baby doing great and we are all besides ourselves with enjoying our little nephew as he teaches us about the miracles of life every new day.
July also saw us doing a series of private shows in Dimapur and Kohima and the usual music and cultural evenings for State guests. An appearance on DDK's "Trends of Nagaland" and a couple of Interviews. Our own studio efforts are not really taking off but we are working our bottoms off to create something beautiful. The dreams are many, expectations high and much effort required. Continue to pray for us and support our endeavors.
Trends of Nagaland with Toto Nurumi
July seems a long time ago now. August went by like a blur. And September is dwindling away much too soon. Little Chire is growing real fast and continues to make us stop in our tracks with his cute gurgles. Winter plans are in place and hopefully, it will be as busy and hectic as last winter. Our brother had the opportunity of playing with Cousin Vee's Praise and Worship Team for the 8th Asia Pacific Baptist Congress held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 1st to 8th September 2012. He's now off to Delhi for the NagaFest and a series of private gigs around the NCR.
Mussoorie (photo source: Internet)
We are happy to announce that we will be performing at the Mussoorie Writers' Festival 2012 on the 1st and 2nd of November at Woodstock School. Click here to find out more about the Festival and the schedule. Are we excited? You bet! Hiyohey!
November will also see us doing a couple of gigs in Delhi. Stay with us on our Facebook page to get our updates. And December plans will be revealed soon though suffice to say we will be in the North East mostly. Until then, Hiyohey and enjoy the last days of fall. Winter is almost here. Take care.
NH 39 (photo source: internet)
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