Right after our South Indian sojourn, we head back to Delhi for a series of private performances including a performance at India International Center by INTACH, New Delhi.

Later this month, we will be heading to Mumbai for a performance at the blueFROG as part of the British Council's Folk Nations- Showcase for Celtic Connections 2014 on March 22 2013.
The line up includes :
Akhu 4pm - 4.45pm
Saurav Moni 5pm - 5:45pm
Tetseo Sisters 6pm - 6:45pm
Tajdar Junaid 7pm - 7.45pm
Suhail Yusuf Khan & Akshay Rajeja 8pm -8.45pm
Papon & East India Company 9pm - 9.45pm
Raghu Dixit project 10pm - 11pm

Pretty excited! Whooping excited! Super excited!

We have to mention here that our South India foray was extremely rewarding and a memorable experience. We will dedicate an entire post to each city :)


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at: 21 March 2013 at 12:31 said...

Keep it up!! Hiyohey

Tetseo Sisters says:
at: 2 April 2013 at 22:23 said...

Hiyohey Jay.
Thank you for the encouragement.