February wrought a storm in Bangalore. Technically on the outskirts, but the music lovers and the groovy musicians from a range of genres came together to jam and play at Stormfields.
That was Storm Festival on the 1st and 2nd February of 2014. And we managed to find a place on the singer-songwriter stage. Yippee!

Our second trip to Bangalore and we love the city and its lovely people, as we duly reported to the journalist from The Hindu. It was sunny and bright and warm and we sang to our heart's content.
Our set was on Day Two of the festival and promptly at 1:00pm, we were on the stage for a good half an hour doing what we do best. All too soon, it was over and we walked around enjoying the other delightful performances. The day ended with us taking in the superb presentation of the star children along with their star performer parents - a line up including Shanker Mahadevan, Leslie Lewis and many more.

Quick Bytes for MTV Indies.

With Lavin Uthhapa, the man behind the STORM.

Chali keeps it real.

We were honored to be able to have a quick chat with RJ Melody of Radio Indigo. We had a swell time singing a bit and talking quite a lot. Not to mention failing miserably on the rapidfire round.
Colonial Cousins Ahem and the Sisters.

Lulu takes a breather. Yes. We slept in those tents.
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