And so another year came to an end and a new one has begun.
Amidst relatives visiting and numerous rounds of tea and cakes, the new year just establishes itself and lo! it's already almost two months into the new year.

We started the new year foregoing the annual tradition of making resolutions. We did not sit down and argue back and forth the merits and demerits of resolutions like we often do. This was due to all sisters being in different places around Christmas and New Years. However, the focus is growth - personal, spiritual and professional. Lulu is away at medical school and Azi is busy playing mommy to two delightful little boys, Chire Nienu who is two and half and Unu Nienu, just five months old. That leaves Mercy and Kuvelü to continue the musical journey ably assisted by the Tetseo brother, just like the old times once again.

Change is definitely on the cards. Travel and of course, more creative aspirations.
We do not like to think of ourselves as ambitious but we do have a dream and we will chase it for sure.
We haven't always planned ahead but somehow the best of things have happened to us and for that we are truly grateful to the good Lord who has never failed us.

The new year for each one of us will be a lot of different things but most importantly, another chance to live it up to His glory and be faithful to what we do but also a chance to better ourselves and allow for growth and positive change. It is not always easy to accept certain changes but we have to learn to grow beyond the limits we set for ourselves and push ahead.

Lots of plans in our heads including a new album, more music videos and hopefully more exotic travel opportunities. Praying in our hearts that the Divine powers will bless our dreams and make it all happen.

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"He makes all things His time." Including the cherry and peach blossoms.

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Ramesh Shirali says:
at: 18 January 2012 at 15:38 said...

Hi, I am really impressed with you 4 pretty young ladies for keeping the Folk Culture of Nagaland alive and bringing it to the fore front. Keep up the good work...4 cheers!!!

Tetseo Sisters says:
at: 18 January 2012 at 21:35 said...

Hello Ramesh,

Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.
You are very kind.
We hope we succeed in passing on what little is left of our glorious past to the rest of the world and share it with everyone else.
We are proud of our heritage and even prouder to be sharing it with you all.

Tushar Gunde says:
at: 3 April 2015 at 11:38 said...


Saw ur performance at Surewaves, loud & clear music festival recently, liked the way u r team carried the performances & u r self
All the best , where will u be performing next do keep u r fans posted

Thx & regards,
Tushar, Mumbai