Our first experience at Ziro Festival Music was memorable but we thought we might not be heading back without Lulu and Azi in tow for the next one, if we were invited again :D 

Come back, we did. But just Kuvelu and Mercy with Mhaseve, for another round of magic and it felt great to see the open skies, green grass and fields of grain and corn. The winding roads and slush no less a dampener. This time round, we even managed to squeeze in a Grazia photo shoot in the 2 days that we stayed at Ziro. Next up was the World Tourism Day celebrations in Andro, Manipur and we had to slip away once again from beautiful Ziro mid way through the festival. 
Hope we get to share our music at Ziro again. Thank you.

Wearing beautiful Naga Jewellery and traditional Chakhesang Shawls, with costumes by Keds Krome and péro by Aneeth Arora.

Stories and laughter and songs.
Swaying to the beats of Cepho Celho - The Cherry Blossom Song. 
Mhaseve Tetseo on the Guitar.
Photo ops with fans and friends of Li.

Photography by Rohan K Abraham, Ronex Oinam and ZFM sources.


Dhiraj Sonowal says:
at: 20 January 2016 at 14:41 said...

It's a very good sign that you are representing the ethnic culture in front of the world...I wish every success in coming days...God Bless you!