2012 seems to be passing on in a frenzied whirl of activities. We sisters have been pushed to the limits of our energy but we are exhilarated by the progress we are making. Hiyohey!
At the Sekrenyi cum Youth Expo 2012
Inside Cosmopolitan India 2012 March issue.
At the NEZCC Spring Festival 2012
March seems to be unfolding into an exciting month of anticipation with lots happening.
Media attention at an all time high including a spot in Cosmopolitan Magazine's street style section, Kuvelü in Péro on fashion blog wearabout, a fashion spread in Eclectic Times for Designer Boney Darang, an Interview in Deccan Herald, an appearance at the first Youth Expo 2012 and NEZCC Spring Festival 2012 where we also joined Guru Rewben Mashangva for a special rendition of his song and a fun video shoot in Kohima's top spots and several secret locations around Nagaland :)
An image of Kuvelü and Mercy at the Hornbill Festival of 2011 made it to the cover of  Indien Aktuell, a German Travel Magazine and also appeared in the Singaporean Daily, The Strait Times.
We'd love to announce our representation agreement with Wilderness Films India Ltd, Delhi and we are so glad to have found an extended family in the Family Dang. March also saw the launch of our first promo videos made by Wilderness Films on YouTube.
An exciting time for us and for you all too we hope. Azi has certainly made her absence felt in the first video and our Delhi gigs as she has been unable to travel long distance for a while. But she will be featuring in a major way in the new promo video we shot in Nagaland.
Tetseo Sisters for Boney Darang in Eclectic Times March issue.
We also have exciting new outfits by renowned Designer Keds Krome of Nagaland and Boney Darang of Arunachal Pradesh, which will be unveiled soon. Love you Ladies!!!
Accessories by Keds Krome
New Videos coming up soon. Live shows and concerts too. Hopefully more magazine features.
Catch you all at one of our shows very soon. Oh and we now have our very own domain name.
www.tetseosisters.com :)
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