A song of reminiscence, of young love and the days gone by.
"Cepho celho püküba tüce no............

Münye bopüh, müthi yi zusho. Küprü küvo, rho küre nonyi.
Küretoli, ha bro komo le. Bro ko mo zo, thüza cho nye re. 
Süyo khama, kükre do tele."
I remember spring - peaches and cherry blossoms of my youth.
They called me exotic flower and many eyes I caught.
“Let’s pluck the beautiful flower and adorn our headgear and ears!”
“But our faces plain, will only detract her beauty, not improve ours!”
I cried, “Please try on your right ear if it doesn’t suit your left!”
For I wished he would take me home and cherish me for all times.
Let’s try a happier song, for this one makes me sad.

Spring brings happiness, a cheerful step, a song on our lips and a light heart.
Spring heralds new opportunities, new starts in life and love too.
For the humble farmer, it is the time to get ready for a new season of work.
Lessons learned from the past seasons to apply and to make amends for a better harvest perhaps!
It brings a warmth into our hearts. A spring in our steps too.
After dreary and cold winter, the sun once more shines brightly and the nip in the air is replaced by the smell of sweet earth following the april showers. Work groups get back together and organise themselves into teams. The fields show signs of work, ploughed earth and watered rice fields. Snails and water lilies flourish. Covering the fields with reds and greens. The peach trees flower against the browned and blackened trunks, remnants of bush fires to prepare for sowing.
Happy work songs echoes in the hills and specks of movement flutter all over the terraced array of fields.
Cepho Celho Lizo is one song sung at spring. The song celebrates the beauty of renewed life at spring time and eulogizes sentimental reflections of youth for a woman/man past his or her prime but still looking forward to more springs in life before it is time to bid farewell to it all.

Spring is a metaphor for the blooming youthfulness of a young girl who has discovered her own heart aflutter for a young man. She hopes to be recognized by her beloved and goes out of her way to cross his path.
But the young man thinks she is too beautiful to really care for the likes of him and does not reveal his feelings for her, rather keeps a distance for fear of being jilted. And seemingly could never ask for her hand. As for her, being the delicate lady she is, she cannot confess her feelings to him and too late, the window of opportunity closes and she settles with someone else for life but her heart has fond memories and the peach blossoms remind her of those days. 
Tetseo Sisters for Precious melove

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