January 9, 2012.
Today was our first photo shoot for the new year 2012.
We set out around 10:00am from our home in Kohima in Menuo's Van and headed off to Viswema. He had very thoughtfully brought us 'kemenya roti' (fried sticky rice pancakes) and hot kerhü chutney (a type of Naga lentil enjoyed pan roasted or boiled). We had a flask of tea and lovely outfits by Keds Krome. The unique point of these outfits was that the fabric used is made out of bamboo. Isn't that simply awesome? And the designs were super cool with even cooler accessories to go with it. We will share pictures soon.

It was a cold cold day and the sun refused to show his face the whole day but we didn't want to cancel the shoot. So we drove to the location; and it really took a lot of effort to get out of our warm jackets and socks and boots and don the hot little numbers for the shoot.

We also had a change of clothes to go through and the cold was biting.
One can only imagine how the actors and actresses and other artistes shoot on location under extreme weather conditions. They presumably have insurance and a team of people to wrap them up in warm blankets and hot beverages in between shots and of course a super comfy trailer perhaps? We had Menuo's Van and our flask of hot tea and the kemenya rotis.

The shots we wanted entailed that we climb on to freezing rocks and pose like all was hunky dory.
The chattering of our teeth was louder than the sound of river water rushing past us. And then it started to drizzle. We had an umbrella but that went towards covering the camera and the Photographer and we all took a break, huddling close together under our overcoats. Thankfully, it stopped after a while and we managed to get the shots we wanted. A change of clothes and we were back to frozen smiles and goosebumps from the cold as we posed. The cold got too much and having barely being able to get just about enough shots, we decided to wrap up for the day.

We headed back to our parking spot only to find that the drizzle had totally messed up the grassy slope and when we sat in the Van, it wouldn't move forward rather started slipping backwards, inching towards a rocky river bed. We three girls got out and did our best to push but all in vain. Tired and cold and frustrated we were for a while having called a few people for help but none forthcoming. Menuo finally went off to find nearby help and luckily found some truckers and got them to come and help push the car. On the third attempt, with rocks piled in the back of the van and the girls piled on in the car, three men pushing and one driving, we finally moved into a safe zone and sped off to the better part of the road in pure relief. Phew!

Once we hit the tarmac, we stopped and Menuo walked back to say 'Thank you' to those men.
It started raining again so we sat inside and warmed up with the hot tea. We needed more sustenance so we drove to Dimori Cove and ordered Clear chicken soup while we went through the day's shot. The soup took forever to come and when it did, it was literally clear and we could actually count the very few chicken pieces at the bottom of our soup bowls. Anyway, the warmth rejuvenated us and we all headed home for a heavy dinner, driving slowly and carefully through the rain which was now pouring in torrents unlike the morning drizzle.
Two days later, we went to return the beautiful outfits and the cool Designer, Keds Krome said that she was really worried for us at it was one of the coldest days so far plus the rain. We could only nod in agreement and say, "We did it somehow" :)
Accessories by Keds Krome

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imchaba says:
at: 8 June 2012 at 19:18 said...

So much for the first shoot. No wonder the year's going well for you.

The food detail is yum.

Btw, I say this again, Lulu is very photogenic in print and motion. I like the third image, quite stellar with the shawl!

Can the Tetseos please let fans know about the other sister also?

The earrings look very nice. Next time u may want to shoot with ked's army of cats instead of freezing yourselves and pushing cars around.

Tetseo Sisters says:
at: 8 June 2012 at 22:42 said...

Hey Imcha,

Thank you for stopping by.
We do love our food and it shows in other ways and not on our lean frames thankfully :P

Happy to hear your compliments. Lulu is real special indeed. By 'the other sister' we believe you are talking about 'Azi'. We will soon devote an entire post to her and the exciting times ahead for her new family. We absolutely miss her on stage and her fans are missing her too for sure.

Keds does have some amazing stuff including her beautiful cats. You might just see us with an army of cats having a lot of fun somewhere here soon. And hope to see your kitties soon.


at: 20 June 2012 at 22:19 said...

i maybe a little late but..jus wnted to stop by .. You guys are great, hope n pray dat you guys will continue to be d same <3<3<3.

Tetseo Sisters says:
at: 23 June 2012 at 23:26 said...

Thank you dear Anonymous.

Better late than never :)
Thank you for the lovely wishes and prayers.
We are working hard to get better and do you all prouder :) HIyohey!

at: 5 July 2012 at 20:16 said...

Hi Tetseo Clan

Just a few words of encouragement, discernment and curiosity.

There you have it?

I anticipated that your smiles may be in part be influenced by belief in God - even Christ. I must ask, does Christ make a differnece in your lives? As a firm believer in multi-culturalism, I also distinguish the spark of the Holy Spirit. I was a pretty good Jewish boy growing up, but I am forever indebted for the difference Christ made in my life. I am a different person, tho I haven't changed on the outside one bit. For example, I still write songs and poetry and wear my beard sort of scraggily. Chirst gives power even to retain our egos! This is the freedom that Paul talks about.

As in the book Things Fall Apart, we mourn the loss of individual culture and we celebrate it; but we also see the central character is lacking something.

Love the videos. Just want to know, does Christ makes a difference?

Andy Tannenbaum

Tetseo Sisters says:
at: 22 August 2012 at 07:48 said...

Dear Andy,

Thank you for the encouragement and the lovely words.
Christ has made all the difference in our lives. Everything else that falls short of His glory is our own human weaknesses but He still showers His grace abundantly on us.We do all the things normal people do and struggle and rage and laugh and cry. Well, that's life but we continue to trust His mercy to keep us smiling and we find that there are more reasons to smile when we have the assurance of His love and salvation.

Peace! Hiyohey.

Aji says:
at: 1 September 2012 at 14:04 said...

Thanks Tetseo Sisters for taking our rich folk tradition and its sweet melody to a whole new level and exposing it to the world. continue to do the great job.

at: 23 May 2013 at 11:06 said...

You all are awesome:)