A conversation in song:

Girls! Girls! Girls!
Have you seen the one I adore?
A rare orchid in full bloom.

Yes! Yes! Yes!
There she is, down by the brook
Washing her lovely tresses.

Thanks!Thanks! Thanks!
You best be on your way,
I shall lead her home safe.

Well! Well! Well!
None offered to guide us home.
Follow our merry songs and do not linger late.

Please! Please! Please!
Help me win her heart
I swear to find you all a mate.

Hear! Hear! Hear!
The woods have heard your pledge.
May it be so.
Go weave her a splendid cane basket.
Fill it with choice meat and fruit.
Bring her strings of Tiza so radiant
When you speak to her of love.
And pray she invites you to her parents' hearth.
If she serves you last while you feast as her guest
You shall know then, her mind is made.
You are the one she has chosen.

Done! Done! Done!
The cowardly loses heart and never dare show up.
The earnest brave one makes good his chance and wins the fair maiden's heart.

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at: 18 July 2012 at 12:19 said...

will one of u marry me ? I am in delhi and a doctor.