While the world was waking up to celebrate "International Women's Day" we were making our way from Chennai to Bangalore by road. Chennai Live 104.8 FM full blast playing our session and it was a wonderful moment. We thoroughly enjoyed the six hour drive through lovely landscapes and great roads. Ah Bliss. Hope we can say the same about the roads in our very own Nagaland too before long. As the day grew sultry, we spotted many minor mirages along the way.
Unveiling the new look.
Cap, earrings, green-yellow-orange neckpieces and outfit by Keds Krome.
Shawl, Tida, Vokha Choker and bangles- Traditional Chakhesang.
A little after 2 o clock in the afternoon, we entered Bangalore city and found our hotel in Indira Nagar with not much difficulty. Finding a place to eat seemed a harder task as we belatedly realised most eateries were closed from 3-7pm. After a good hour of hunting, we finally found a biryani place and four ravenously hungry people wolfed down two plates each of Chicken and Mutton Biryani :)
5:30 pm Soundcheck and 6:30 pm Showtime. We performed for an exclusive group of invitees and Yoga Studio members. Some old friends and new friends turned up. Exciting times. 
After our set was over, it was time for photos and meeting everyone and chit-chatting away. Thanks to all the lovely people who came to support us. Hiyohey!

At the studio :)
Friday went by in a whirr and Saturday was soon upon us. Our Saturday gig was part of the Indie March at CounterCulture and we were doing the first half of the night followed by Parvaaz.
Indie March: CounterCulture Bangalore
Saturday started with us being welcomed into the lovely home of Bindhumalini Narayanaswamy and Vasu Dixit both renowned musicians and we had a gala time being really taken care of besides the musical treats they gave us. They were the loveliest of hosts. Hope to return the favour soon.
(All thanks to Iswar Srikumar and Anushka Meenakshi of Uramili).
5ish we land up at CounterCulture after a longish ride and did our soundcheck. 
Soon it was time for the show. It was wonderful to meet one very young Li fan who was accompanied by his parents and he stuck to us for a good part of the evening. 
(Can't seem to find a picture right now.)
If Saturday was busy, Sunday topped it all but in a very good way. Sunday morning, we found our way to Yolk Studio. Our dear friend Imcha Imchen had introduced us to the wonderfully talented people at Yolk Studio, Sam Mohan and Kalpana Kumar and it was a real exciting moment for us to be spending time with them. Too bad we were hard pressed for time as we had been too ambitious and crammed too many engagements into a single day. But here is hoping to spend more time with the lovely people at Yolk Studio again soon. And thank you for the scrumptious lunch that we thoroughly enjoyed.
Next stop was NCF Bangalore, having invited ourselves to the service :)
Thanks to the very warm Pastor Zhabu Yimsung and the chic super girl Zedino Seyie, (we were yet to meet in person but we bugged the hell out of her for all sorts of things including where to get a fast lunch) who made it possible and we were warmly welcomed to be a part of the special service for the outgoing members of NCF Bangalore. Had a blessed time indeed sharing our song and singing "O Rhosi" with the ladies of NCF Bangalore. Priceless!
It was then time to pack up and head to Delhi for the next series of events and Bombay and Mussoorie following soon enough. So it was really from North east to the far south and then central India to the west coast and up in the North, close to the Himalayas. Wow! Across the breath and length of the Country in a month. Thanks to God and all the wonderful people who made all these events happen. God bless you all. Hiyohey!

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