As musicians, we end up travelling quite a bit. From the far corners of the North East to the tipping coasts of Chennai, we have shared our music. But that meant we had to pack our bags within the limits of the airlines we would be flying and our gear and costumes can weigh quite a bit, not to mention the 'handle with care' tags. Every security check is a nightmare as we end up spreading out all our jewellery to the curious stares of other travellers and the wry questions and snide remarks of the airport security staff. Makes us feel like a circus team. But we have gotten pretty used to it.

We have spent hours in transit and since we carry a considerable amount of luggage every time we travel, we end up getting to the airport pretty early on every trip. Four girls and a boy and heaps of bags and more on the way is not such a pleasant thought but the prospects of checking out goodies is always on our mind once we check in. Some coffee is mandatory and then hunting for magazines, novels, chocolates, and a bottle or two of good wines smuggled for Dad. (Okay. Not every trip calls for a bottle of bubbly.)

And our favourite stop is Delhi Duty Free. Lulu is usually hunting for books/comics/candies, Kuvelu for interesting collectibles, Mercy for perfume deals and the brother is lost in electronics. How typical! We have been a motley crew of shoppers on flight and at the airport. Our last meanderings at the Delhi Airport culminated in purchases of bags of chocolate, a bottle of bubbly, camera batteries and even suitcases, battery chargers and the odd souvenir.

This one is for the man.
Wish there was an outlet for baby clothes!!!! Ever since our nephew came on the scene, he figures big time on our shopping list. It is fun to shop at Delhi Duty Free because no one really bothers you and you can just gaze at the goods, compare prices, calculate and recalculate and debate heatedly about why you deserve to buy the things you have picked up and how it benefits the group. The best reasons win.
We have picked up so many things from Delhi Duty Free and the AHA outlets time and time again.
Something special for Ma and Pa's Anniversary.
The most fun is when we get to the payment counter and they inadvertently ask us our nationality. One of us will fish out a driving license or a passport which they will politely glance at and process our purchases. And then we proceed homewards, carefully holding on to our bags or out to deal with the taxi drivers of prepaid cabs, as to how to pile on our luggage with our duty free purchases in tow.
Color pallete for the girls
And yeah. We love taking pictures but haven't had the guts to click at the Delhi airport though we have clicked many on the sly at other airports. So we don't have any pics of us at the Delhi duty free store. But here are a few pics of the goods we picked up and a stock image of the Duty Free Outlet.

Note: Only passengers passing through Terminal 3 with a valid boarding pass can buy from DDFS. You are welcome to browse and check online the current offers here.

All images from Delhi Duty Free Site.

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